Expetra Whitepaper

About Expetra

Whitepaper of Expetra - web3 budgeting app with Game-Fi elements

What is Expetra?

Expetra is the first web3 budgeting app that allows user to track 3 type of assets (fiat, stocks, crypto). Users are able to record their income, expenses and investments on one screen through simple Drag & Drop mechanics.
Main functionality of the app is FREE for everyone, we want more users to keep tracking their personal finance in the most convenient way. With premium subscription users can enjoy addition features (like more wallet and categories support) and more!
Expetra aims to push millions of people toward managing personal finances, building investment habits and connecting them to Web3 world through NFTs and Game-Fi.


Web3: next evolution of internet based on blockchain technology and decentralization
IDO: Initial DEX (Decentralized Exchange) Offering
Game-Fi: Games where players are able to earn crypto for playing
NFT: Non Fungible Tokens on blockchain
$EXP: Native token of Expetra
Tokenomics: Token+Economics, how tokens are distributed and used